Action Boutique Is Coming

Action Boutique:  Coming Soon! 

Stimulate your senses with science experiments

Make origami, experiment with math, and physics, create your tiny tornadoes to experience the real deal in our Action Boutique. Less museum, more interactive extravaganza, each of the eight stations covers a different area, from understanding math, physics, human phenomena – where experiments focus on how we think and feel – to investigating the world around us.

Play with light, sound, electricity and the elements at a dizzying array of activity stations. Whip up your own tornado in a cylinder where fog meets fans (and small human beings). Within the 8 hands-on stations lie the answers to many questions curious kids have been hounding their parents with for years, which means Mum and Dad can finally stop Googling! You can also play pool and table tennis, read and meet new friends in our Action Boutique activity and learning center.