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Prayer for Health

Prayer in a Time of Health Crisis

Oh, my God,

Day and night, you are my refuge.

In the time of the unfamiliar restrictions and quarantines, it is hard to keep the focus on the positive. It is hard not to assume the worst will happen to my family, myself and my community. “Corona” and “Pandemic” are frightening words, no less than “War” and “Human Trafficking”. It is easy to feel confused, scared and helpless. This time humanity is tested on our reserve of love and compassion. This is a blessing to hear and see doctors and nurses fearlessly fighting for people’s lives. To know that neighbors help neighbors, and the people of faith continue worshipping and praying.

Without this human response, we will not be able to get through this time.  moment, but do not let it overwhelm my spirit. Show more love with every day. We need to see the signs of hope and resurrection every day.

Assure us, Oh Lord, that you are in control. Show your presence to my community who is suffering and in need of prayers. Help me to be generous and to find a way to serve when I am not allowed to leave my home. Bless the world leaders, all health care providers, and all who are instrumental in overcoming this crisis. May my prayers and support be with them all. Amen.

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