Host: Dr. Lydia Istomina
Host Dr. Lydia Istomina
CoHosts: Candy Sheehan and Scott Kiddle

Freedom from Toxic Relationships

Flip the Script

Breaking Bad Habits

Making Daily Deposits into Your Health Bank Account


My Life Autistic

Learning to Love Fear

Binge Eating and Wellness

Teaching Through a Pandemic

Racism Lessons from Holocaust

Where is God in a Pandemic?

Do you find yourself wondering if God is here right now? Do you find yourself feeling isolated and alone? Do you question your faith sometimes? Do you wonder how you can manage these times with a sense of faith and balance then join us for this program.

Parenting during the Pandemic

If you are looking for information on how to organize your closets/your kids/your life, pre-cook meals for a week, or become patient super-parents, this is not a program for you. We are no experts on any of that (but do let us know if you find those). Our goal is to share some highlights from our lives in the last 6 months to say that you are not alone – like you, we are just trying to make it through this in one piece – while working, getting kids through school, and just living. Please join us!

Good News on Vaccine

Paul Burmenko shares about the stages of COVID vaccine development.